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Who is Donald Trump really?

Have you also asked yourself, who is Donald Trump really?

I have been wondering, so i started searching the web. Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946. In Queens, New York, to Fred Trump, a real estate developer, and Mary Trump, a Scottish immigrant. Trump attended the Kew-Forest School, a private pre-kindergarten. Where his father was a member of the school’s governing board. Trump grew up in a wealthy and privileged environment. Attending private schools and receiving a generous allowance from his father.

Who is Donald Trump really?
Donald Trump’s hair over the years, absolutely hilarious!

After graduating from the New York Military Academy in 1964. Trump attended Fordham University for two years. Then the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a degree in economics in 1968. Despite his claims of being an excellent student. There is no evidence that he graduated with honors or even near the top of his class. As he has often claimed.

Who was Donald Trump’s career really?

Trump began his career in real estate, while still in college. Working for his father’s company, Elizabeth Trump & Son. Over the years, he has been involved in a variety of real estate ventures. Including hotels, casinos, and residential properties. One of Trump’s most famous real estate projects is Trump Tower, a 58-story skyscraper located in Manhattan. He became one of the most famous and controversial figures in the American media. Known for his flamboyant lifestyle, his outspoken opinions. And, not the least, his frequent lawsuits. Trump’s business career has been marked by both success and controversy. While he has been involved in many high-profile projects. He has also faced criticism for his business practices and his comments about various groups.

Donald Trump’s Family and Health

Donald Trump is a controversial figure, both in politics and in his personal life. Married three times and has given him five children. His current wife is Melania Trump, whom he married in 2005. They have one son together, Barron William Trump. Trump’s other children are Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Tiffany Trump. In terms of health, Trump has been the subject of much speculation. In 2015, he released a letter from his personal physician, stating that he would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” However, during his presidency, there were concerns about his mental and physical health.

Donald Trumps mental health

Donald Trump’s mental health has been a topic of debate and speculation for many years, especially during his presidency and after his election loss in 2020. Searching for some articles that have been written about his mental health, I found these:

  • Donald Trump’s mental health becomes an issue again by Chris Cillizza. This article discusses the allegations and revelations in the new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, which claim that Joint Chief Chairman Mark Milley believed that Trump was in “serious mental decline” and took countermeasures to prevent him from starting a war with China.
  • Diagnosing Trump With a Mental Illness by Arash Emamzadeh. This article explores the issue of diagnosing public figures from afar, using the example of Trump. It reviews the history of health professionals commenting on Trump’s alleged paranoid, sadistic, and psychopathic tendencies; diagnosing him with narcissistic personality disorder.
  • Psychiatrists warn Trump’s psychosis will grow “as he becomes more desperate” by Chauncey Devega. This article features an interview with Dr. Bandy X. Lee, a forensic psychiatrist and former Yale School of Medicine faculty member. Dr. Lee shares her insights on Trump’s mental state and the dangers he poses to democracy and society.

Political career

Trump had been interested in politics since his youth, but he never held any public office until he ran for president in 2016. He had been a registered Democrat until 1987, when he switched to the Republican Party. Trump briefly ran for president in 2000 as a Reform Party candidate but withdrew before the primaries. He considered running again in 2012 but decided not to after President Barack Obama released his birth certificate to quell the “birther” conspiracy theory that Trump had promoted.

Donald Trump’s presidency, really?

Inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017. During his presidency, Donald Trump pursued a number of controversial policies, including a travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries, a border wall with Mexico, and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Trump’s presidency was also marked by several high-profile controversies, including an investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 election and his impeachment by the House of Representatives in 2019 for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He also faced criticism for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had claimed the lives of over 400,000 Americans by the time he left office.

Losing the 2020 election

Following his defeat in the 2020 election, Trump refused to concede and made numerous false claims of voter fraud. Since leaving office, Trump has remained active in politics, endorsing candidates in the 2022 midterm elections and teasing a potential run for president in 2024. He has also held on to the false accusations of voter frauds. Leaving him to ridicule in the rest of the western world. It is, however, rather amazing to watch his fans still believing he is right. Even after several investigations, all proving him wrong.

Who is Donarld Trump, really?
Three of Donald Trumps friends and a girl not wasting here time talking to him.

Donald Trump’s legal issues

Donald Trump has faced numerous legal issues throughout his career, including both civil and criminal cases. As of August 2023, he has been criminally indicted four times, with charges ranging from tax fraud to incitement of insurrection. In addition to these indictments, he faces several other lawsuits and investigations. I did a quick web search to sum up just a few of them…

Classified documents case in Florida

Accused of willfully retaining national defense information and unauthorized disclosure of classified information after Trump allegedly gave some top secret documents to the National Archives and kept some others at his Mar-a-Lago resort. He pleaded not guilty and the trial is scheduled for May 2024.

Falsifying business records case in New York

Charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, scheme to defraud, conspiracy, and grand larceny for allegedly inflating and deflating the value of his assets to obtain loans and tax benefits. Pleading not guilty and waiting for the trial date to be set.

Election interference case in Georgia

Trump is under investigation by a state prosecutor for potential criminal solicitation of election fraud after he pressured Georgia officials to “find” more votes for him and overturn the 2020 election results in that state. The prosecutor has not decided whether to bring charges yet.

Insurrection case in Washington DC

Trump is facing a civil lawsuit by the House of Representatives for inciting the violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, that resulted in five deaths and hundreds of injuries. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and a declaration that Trump violated federal law by encouraging his supporters to disrupt the certification of Joe Biden’s victory.

Defamation case in New York

Trump is facing a defamation lawsuit by E. Jean Carroll, a magazine writer who accused him of raping her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s. Trump denied the allegation and called her a liar, which she claims damaged her reputation and career. She won a civil trial against him in May 2022 and is seeking damages and a retraction of his statements.

These are some of the most prominent legal cases against Donald Trump, but there are others. It seems that Mr Trump will have a lot of legal battles to fight in the coming years. If he, god forbid, becomes President again. Will he even have any time left to the work in office?

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